Rosana Hotel is strictly complying with Privacy Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and information Protection and other related laws. By these acts, we determine processing of private information and display it within company as well as the opening page of Rosana Hotel website for our guests to read at all times actions taken to protect guest's private information. Processing of private information by Rosana Hotel contains below content.

Mandatory: Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Company name, gender, contect ( phone number, mobile, E mail), Address Optional:Marital status, Anniversary, Fax, Financial information ( credit card No, Validation date), Family information

1.1. Consent on collecting, using and sharing of private information based on processing of private information by Rosana Hotel can be by

1. Signing on agreement of collecting and using private information attached to membership application.
2. signing on agreement via Rosana Hotel web site (
3. signing on agreement and delivering via mail and other methods. (any other methods defined by related laws)

1.2. Users and Legal Representatives's rights that use ways

Users Have the right to request for membership withdrawal or termination of reading , modification or process via phone or email to the person in charge of private information. in case of request for modification , the relevant information will not be used or provided. If the wrong information has been provided to 3rd parties a prompt notice of modification will be given to the 3rd parties. The use of private information can be terminated except for inevitable cases such as compliance of related laws, or possible harm to others' body or life as well as infringement on asset or any other benefits.

Rosana Hotel collects private information required for reservation and other services. Required information must be filled for membership while optional information is not required for membership or use of services.

Rosana Hotel identifies th recipient of private information, purpose of using privte information , items of private information provided, and period of using information .

No privte information will be provided to any 3rd parties without consent with below exceptions. - if consent from guest is given - Private information could be shared or provided to allied company to provide better services. A process of consent shall be provided via e mail, website, phone and written form with regard to recipient of private information.

Rosana Hotel outsource processing of private information to provide better service and convenience to our guest.

In case of outsourcing , we strictly express compliance to laws related to protection of private information.
Confidentiality of private information, prohibition of sharing information with 3rd parties, liabilities, period of outsourcing, removal of information on expiration via outsourcing agreement and so on.

5.1 Period of using and saving private information

Your private information will be destroyed with no delay upon withdrawal of membership or achievement of collecting and using private information.
In case of provision of 3rd parties, we will order them to destroy the information.
Rosana Hotel will only use the information for the purpose of storage and the period of storage is as below

1. Record of agreement or subscription -reason of storage : customer protective laws in E- Commerce - Period of storage: 5 years

2. Record of payment settlement and provision of merchandise - reason of storage: customer protective laws in E- commerce - period of storage: 3 years

3. Record of customer complaints or disputes - reason of storage: customer protective laws in E- commerce - period of storage: 3 years

4. other cases with guests' consent: period of guest's consent or available on request

5.2 Destroying private information and its process

Rosana Hotel destroys private information with no delay upon achievement of collecting and using private information. Process and methods of destruction is as below - Printed private information will be destructed via shredder or fired. - Electronic form of private information will be deleted permanently.

Rosana Hotel designated department and person responsible for protection of private information and handling user's complaints.

You may report any complaints with regard to the private information to the responsible person. Rosana Hotel will fully respond to users' reports in a prompt manner.

Rosana Hotel cookie system to save and use your private information while operating homepage. You have the right to opt for cookie.

Thus, you can control of information collection via cookie on your web browser. Go to [Manu]-[Internet Option]-[Security]-[Custom Level] and control the level of information collection by cookie. If there are further inquiries, please contact as below:

Rosana Hotel handels user's privcate information with technical and managerial measures to protect the private information.

Private information process system is protected by firewall system and cookies are backed up to prevent counterfeit or falsification. Your private information is protected by password. Password is accessible only by the user and any modification of personal information can be made by the user with password. After using service of Rosana Hotel, please log out and close the web browser.

Officer of private informaion
Name : An Eun Jeong
TEL: +82-2-2143-3000

Rosana Hotel prohibits membership for age 14.

However, in case of collecting private information of age 14, Rosana Hotel handles under regulation related to laws.